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In the end of 2003, the non-formal organization named Integral Yoga Society was formed in Novgorod the Great, Russia. The director of The Society is Anatoliy Iakovlevitsch Arhipov. For 3 years, different people have been practicing Yoga regularly, in 2003 a group of people decided to practice Yoga constantly. As the result there was established a fact of the Society`s formation. Now The Integral Yoga Society consists of 10-15 people.

The practise of Integral Yoga is interesting and unique. It consists of Hatha Yoga of integral nature and other techniques of different Yoga systems. We are aiming for our spiritual transformation and transformation of outer world by helping different people to change their life on the base of both individual and social Yoga.

The methods of Harmony Lows practice in life are the major elaboration of Integral Yoga Society. When we speak about Harmony Lows we mean Lows of Jama and Nijama. The Harmony Lows are the basis of every branches of Yoga. Jesus Christ stated that very Lows in his commandments.

We concluded that after new space Era of Aquarius, the humanity's life began to change considerably, and it is impossible to live without studying and obeying Harmony Lows. The problem is that in social plan nobody have ever affirmed Harmony Lows in his life, the most important among them are the Lows of Truth and Peacefulness. The Low of Truth, for example, orders people to tell the truth always in all circumstances. Everybody who began to practice the Low of Truth says that telling the truth is the most difficult practice in life, together with avoiding violence and rude attitude towards himself and other people.

We managed to elaborate effective and detailed methods of changing one's life on Harmony Lows base. Thus, Integral Yoga is inseparable from life; it is New Life. Evolutional necessity of converting the whole life to Christ's commandments and the way of Harmony Lows practicing in one's life are described in book "Harmony Lows of Universe" by A. Arhipov. We held on public education, give lectures on Harmony Lows, and invite interesting people to take part in our Club. We issue and distribute monthly magazine "Nashe slovo" revealing Society's creative work for free.

We will be glad to collaborate with people who support our ides, who are willing to study and practice Harmony Lows and want to help Society's work.

A. Arhipov

(studies and lectures)

"Everyone has an opportunity to attend our meetings and events. However, we do not persuade anybody to visit our group; each person has to realize that he has this necessity. Integral Yoga is the way of rapid development and growth. We teach people how to deal with particular situations of everyday life. People practicing Integral Yoga notices their life becomes more sensitive and complicated. That is why many of them decide that it is too difficult and impossible to do this Yoga in their ordinary life. Hatha yoga reveals certain energies of a person, but we go further. We study the problems of willing, feelings and thinking. Integral Yoga changes all considerably and a spiritual seeker does not know exactly and cannot foresee his own future difficulties. We have different methods of teaching people how to be courage and spontaneous. We teach them to go deep into their self and to perceive and understand their own self as the Spirit and Love." Anatoliy Arhipov.

So, if you have a need for personal development and growth we advise you to get to know our Integral Yoga Society and take part in our activities.

Nowadays there is a group of people studying the Principles of Harmony and Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Studies are opened so everyone can take this opportunity to visit our group. Anatoliy Arhipov gives lectures. He explains the essence of the Principle of Harmony. The main work is based upon the needs of people who attend lectures. If there are personal aspiration and individual initiative, everything is possible because this Yoga needs a collaborative work.
  Then the Principles of Harmony are studied practically. People get tasks to observe how these Principles operate in life and to do an experiment that to see if they are useful and effective. Usually all have the same problems and the same situations. After that, everyone can ask urgent questions and is able to share their experiences with the group.


It is our creative and cultural activity where people can exchange information, express their feelings and thoughts. We invite different interesting people who are willing to tell us about their own activity and to share their experiences. At Club, everyone can make a report, sing songs, recite and read poetry etc. Thus, last time we enjoyed listening to some verses of the poem written by A. Arhipov; we knew a lot of information about Auroville, India; D. Melgynov acquainted us with the epic poem "Savitry" and read a few lines from "Savitry" translated into Russian by himself.


We publish and distribute our magazine "Nashe slovo" among people who are interested in Integral Yoga and our activity. This magazine reflects results of our coordinative work, creative meditations on Life and Yoga, and poems. To write for "Nashe slovo" is possible for everyone wishing to share his creative work.

E-mail: novgorod@bk.ru


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